Our Philosophy

The Academy Day School is an educational experience where students excel in traditional subject matter and grow to appreciate the world around them through academics. The Academy is a small group learning environment that students excel in; the language arts, writing skills, math, science, and art!

We are committed to teaching with the highest regard of skill, intelligence and compassion. We believe in the growth of the whole student through challenging them academically and teaching them learning is for a lifetime.

We see families as partners in our learning community. Without your invaluable support the students would not be where they are today or going where they will go tomorrow and beyond.

At The Academy Day School our Students are the heart of what we do; therefore our curriculum is traditionally based on these core components and guide our school.

It is our intention to foster a nurturing environment of open-ended exploration, curiosity and growth for children, teachers and parents that depends our connections to the community and the world around us.